Quick and Easy Sweet Potato Soup

We headed to the cabin this weekend and on our way we realized that in all our preparations, we hadn’t bought anything for dinner. We stopped by the local Rema 1000 (cheapest of the grocery stores in Norway). We had brought the immersion blender with us so we decided soup was the perfect rainy, cabin day dinner. It was a smaller Rema 1000 so selection was limited. We got two large sweet potatoes (or Yams, whichever ones are orange). We also go a leek, some shallots and… well, here is the recipe for the awesome simple soup we managed to make for dinner.


2 large sweet potatoes

1 small leek

1 shallot

1 beef bouillon cube

Handful of spinach


Cut the sweet potatoes into equal sized cubes and put in a pot. Add water to the pot until the top of the sweet potato cubes. Start heating the pot up to boiling. Slice the leek and the shallot and add to the mix in the pot. Add the bouillon cube. Boil until sweet potatoes are soft. Wilt the spinach on top for 3 minutes. Use the immersion blender and blend all ingredients until smooth.



These guys all loved the soup at the cabin in Norway.




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