Bacon Asparagus Egg Cups

One of my favorite on the go recipes during the week are egg cups. If you haven’t made them before, you’re missing out! All you need is eggs and leftovers. Leftover meat, cheese, vegetables, herbs, whatever you have in the refrigerator, throw it in there! 

Start out with a greased muffin pan.

Chop up your ingredients–I happened to have asparagus and bacon this time around.

Then I whipped up five eggs with salt and pepper, divided them amongst the cups only fill about two thirds you’ll see why in the next picture. I topped them with some Sriacha and cheddar cheese for fun. 

Throw them in the oven at 350 for about 7-9 minutes, let them cook the last minute or two outside of the oven so they don’t get too tough. 

And, voila! You now have breakfast for a week! 


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